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Command line "" and "-" symbol represents the meaning of

If the end of the line is that it is not our end, the following line, and the Bank was a means.

- Is the option to start a letter option generally used - at the beginning, a number of letters to use - at the beginning.

"" If after the carriage return, line feed, then do not be omitted; But if the other characters, it can not be omitted.

"" Tell the system followed by the characters as intended, not an order.

For example there is the file name with spaces, it is necessary add a space before the "."

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To prevent leakage of the internal IP address of the second law

When the IIS Web site to access the static HTML file, such as index.htm, IIS response will contain a Content-Location header. If the IIS configuration properly, Content-Location header will contain the content server's IP address, this has led to hidden behind the NAT firewall or proxy server IP address of the internal network of information leakage, to the attacker tainted multiplicative.
Now I will introduce two kinds of solutions to achieve the IP address information the purpose of replacing the domain of information to help system administrators to eliminate leakage of the internal network IP address hidden.
What is the IIS's response information on the page file
When we use the Web browser to access IIS web page content server, IIS will return a complete response to the user information. Simple cases, we can consider this response message contains two parts:
1, the system information:
Such as access to state, server information, file type, text length and so on.
2, text message:
Usually what we see in the browser page content, that is, a browser can view the source code to the page content.
When we use the high-level language-related Internet content control to access a page, such as the InternetControl control using VB to write your own browser or download the program, eventually will be part contains the two complete response information.
First we look at an example, it shows the default installation of IIS on the HTML file under the response message:
HTTP/1.1 200OK
Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.0
Date: Wed, 31Oct200104: 19:40 GMT
Content-Type: text / html
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Last-Modified: Fri, 12Oct200107: 48:06 GMT
ETag: "03f7e3af252c11: 9a2"
Content-Length: 7141
Response to the information above line 3 includes an internal network IP address information, which we do not want. We hope that the IIS to respond to the following elements:
HTTP/1.1 200OK
Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.0
Date: Wed, 31Oct200104: 19:40 GMT
Content-Type: text / html
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Last-Modified: Fri, 12Oct200107: 48:06 GMT
ETag: "03f7e3af252c11: 9a2"
Content-Length: 7141
That is, the line 3 content in the IP address information for the domain name replacement information. Here's look at solutions.
Solution 1: Perform script Adsutil.vbs
IIS database by modifying a value, you can reach the Content-Location header in the IP address information into the domain of information purposes.
The first method is a VBS script through the implementation of the completion of modification work related IIS database, this script is called Adsutil.vbs, it generated with IIS installed.
Note: Due to practical application in different environments, Microsoft does not guarantee the safety of the use of this software. Therefore, I propose the implementation of this script before, make a backup of important data on the server.
For IIS4.0 server, perform the following steps:
1, click the "Start / Run", type "cmd", click "OK", access the command prompt window.
2, switch to IIS4.0 system installation directory, typically c: winntsystem32inetsrvadminsamples.
Three, the following command, modify the IIS database-related values, set Content-Location header information using the domain name:
4, the following command, shut down Internet service program: netstopiisadmin / y
5, the following command to restart the associated Internet Application: netstartw3svc
Note: After you perform step 4, to look at what Internet applications have been stopped, and then in step 5 in order to restart them.
For IIS5.0 server, perform the following steps:
1, click the "Start / Run", type "cmd", click "OK", access the command prompt window.
2, switch to IIS5.0 system installation directory, typically c: inetpubadminscripts.
3, execute the following command, modify the IIS database-related values, set the Content-Location header using the domain information: adsutilsetw3svc/UseHostNameTrue
4, the following command, shut down Internet service program: netstopiisadmin / y
5, the following command to restart the associated Internet Application: netstartw3svc
Similarly Please note: After you perform step 4, to look at what Internet applications have been stopped, and then in step 5 in order to restart them.
Solution 2: The. Htm file renamed. ASP files, and customize the header information
I would like to introduce the second method took an indirect way of dealing with:
1, first. HTM file renamed. ASP files.
2, because IIS ASP file on the response and does not include Content-Location'';> file header contents, so then to whom in the IIS Manager to create a custom header to return a special Content-Location File header content.
Let us look at specific steps:
1, the static page file (eg. Htm,. Html) renamed. Asp file. Note that the file was renamed after this, when access to the original. Htm file, the ASP engine will start, from a performance point of view, are some slightly lower.
2, start Internet Services Manager
3, double-click "Internet Information Services", expand the contents of subordinate
4, click the server name on the left to deal with the + to expand the contents of subordinate
5, right-click "Default Web Site", select "Properties"
6, click the "head" tab

7, in the "custom header" section, click the "Add"
8, in the "Custom header name", enter "Content-Location", the "custom header value", enter your desired domain name information, such as "ttp: / /":

9, and then click click "OK" to complete the work of all changes

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Breakthrough Nuggets Baidu Baidu PPC Union

"Internet traffic, only 4% of search traffic, the rest are browsing traffic, how can the latter further realized?" May 14, held in Sanya Baidu Union summit in the face from the country Hundreds of coalition partners, representatives, Baidu CEO Robin Li, chairman and threw out a question.

Robin Li said: As long as the remaining 96% of the cash flow of one-tenth or one twentieth, can bring considerable revenue. Robin Li said: Baidu Union is a platform for these cash flows.

Robin Li's plan is to use search platform Baidu liquidity, attracting more and more online media joined the alliance, which will search the media outside the flow of traffic into income, a gain in online media, while also achieving the appropriate profit Baidu .

Robin Li, Baidu Union in repeatedly stressed the role of the media platform, other than the flows of the underlying mining search, Baidu is quietly engaged in break away from PPC's "kidnapping" of gaining and preparation, Baidu Union, PPC advertising is a business not a perfect turn, before rapid growth, most likely starting point.

From the 4 million-400 million

Chose Baidu Union as a breakthrough, because of its staggering growth in revenue: Baidu alliance established in 2002, the year of membership is divided into only 4.13 million yuan, by 2008, that figure soared to 418 million, 6 years doubled 100 times, an average annual increase of 215%; which is divided into the year 2008 nearly 40 times in 2004, more than Baidu 2008 gross income is 30 times the growth rate in 2004.

Changes in the above figures, the proportion of the revenue Baidu Union, the rise year by year. This is the AdSense revenue share GOOGLE falling seems to form a sharp contrast.

According to statistics GOOGLE earnings over the years, AdSense proportion of total income in 2004 was 48% in 2005 -2008 were 44%, 39%, 35%, 31%, to the first quarter of 2009, the proportion of 30%.

Baidu Union cooperation network media play a vital role, but Baidu Union also include other carriers, software, Internet, operator.

Baidu Union, a broader meaning than AdSense. Among them, the software is a browser extension, video and audio player, download software personal user terminal, install Baidu's search plug-in; website promotion that online media alliances, Baidu ads on a variety of network media after the match, this ways the same pattern with GOOGLE's AdSense; cafes promotion refers to the Baidu search infiltration installed within the country's various Internet cafes; is the operator to promote mobile, telecommunications, Unicom, for mobile phone coverage of the interface.

To a Case Study in Internet cafes, Internet cafes channel for promotion of Baidu Joe Strong told reporters today, Baidu more than 130,000 Internet cafes in the country, already accounts for 100,000. Joe said: "The first Internet cafes in most of the young people account for the proportion of first contact with these people impressed by the search engines, they will become the main Internet users."

According to the latest CNNIC report, China's ratio of 39.2% and Internet cafes, Internet cafes become the second largest Internet site users, the current overall scale of China's Internet cafes Internet users has reached 9918 million.

Late last year, according to Analysys International's statistics, "Internet cafes are most frequently used search engine, the" Survey with 86.7% share of Baidu ranked No. 1.

Joe said this strong, Baidu in Internet cafes to promote the main promotion through Internet cafes and Internet cafes software alliance to promote two way service providers, which provide to the Internet cafe billing, network software such as the process dimension, embedded in Baidu's search engine, in by software service providers to bring traffic to generate revenue, Baidu and software service providers to share.

Promotion in the carrier, as the 3G's launch and the three major domestic carriers increased competition, Baidu has also accelerated the pace of cooperation. May 15, Baidu and Shanghai Unicom reached a 3G wireless search cooperation; in just the past 5.17 Telecommunication Day, Baidu and China Telecom's also the "Best Tone" reached a strategic cooperation, in accordance with the agreement, including the web, news , photos, paste it, know, MP3, etc., a Baidu search service will be integrated in a single software module, built in the "Best Tone" service platform.

The site media promotion, Baidu and AdSense are homogeneous model. Baidu's responsible for those who have not disclosed to reporters four kinds of ways to promote their respective share of income also declined to web media to promote the sharing ratio. According to media outreach site is divided into the total income of 1 / 4, light GOOGLE minimum 50%, the actual average ratio of nearly 80% of the share is estimated that Baidu last year obtained from the Web media to promote the income of about 125 million, which only last year, Baidu 3.2 billion of the total income of around 4%, far below the AdSense account for 30% of the total income GOOGLE ratio.

Proportion is still low, means that future growth of the space, Baidu only quietly to get rid of excessive reliance on the PPC as the status of a killer.

Realized that and paste it

Cai Hu, general manager of Baidu Union, said Baidu Union now has nearly 30 million customers, Baidu Media Alliance and the Alliance are more concerned about the media and customers docking, and a dedicated customer service to customers regularly submit performance reports for media analysis and advertising.

"Baidu Union, the future of another one worth a good dig, it's posted it and know." Cai Hu said.

With the bar and paste that information is increasingly becoming a tool for users to find the face of more and more "about Google, Baidu know" phenomenon, Baidu, vice president of commercial operations, said Shen Hao Yu, a feature of China's Internet is still currently online lack of a link is edited content, in fact a lot of useful information in everyone's mind, and people and very willing to contribute out of it and know the hot paste explain this pattern conforms to the user requirements.

Bar and know the content posted belongs to some 96% of non-searching, how about this part of the realization, Baidu also continued to explore. "This is part of a search behavior, and many are browsing behavior, we give some links to relevant content, sometimes it is accurate, but also put some ads, but relatively little piece of the world other than here in the realization of this search issue, not a good solution. "

Shen Hao Yu said that in this there are many places to explore, so that Baidu and media alliance partners benefit.

Marketing Reforms

Search Baidu Union, relying on cash flow than the same time, Baidu's brand advertising recovery, it has also become a positive dispersion PPC target.

According to friends, said Ye, Baidu's revenue growth this year, a big source of income is an old customer, Baidu's Dakehubu have framework agreements with brand advertising, part of advertisers last year, this year signed a framework agreement, in addition to many customers signed last year, was renewed this year, the framework of the signed up more than 60%.

In fact, Baidu in the renewal capacity of the customers began to strengthen. May 14 start, Baidu South China's Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other regions of the sales staff has a salary dispute and, some of the reasons is the signing of the testing standard as customers change, according to the relevant staff told reporters that in addition to the new appraisal standards increase the number of monthly signing, the customer's ability to do the required renewals.

In Baidu first quarter earnings release, Goldman Sachs analyst James Mitchell (James Mitchell) had asked to progress in the restructuring of the sales team.

Ye Peng said at the time, from the second quarter of last year, Baidu has taken several measures to improve the efficiency of sales, last year's second quarter sales to decrease in the number of employees, but on the other hand, Baidu is still concerned about the sales department strategic investment opportunities, particularly in the training.

May 14, Ye Peng told reporters, Baidu's operating system is constantly updated and adjusted, even though sales have been declining, but this has nothing to do with the 2007 compared to this effect is to optimize the organizational structure, Baidu will adjust the operational structure, but not exclusively, by the industry, such as the former three have now become four, the other is to adjust and avoid sector, improve staff efficiency.

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A large number of international giants fight back to the Chinese. CN domain names

Morning News a few days ago, reporters from the China International Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center received information, including Coca-Cola, Disney, L'Oreal, etc., a large number of international giants have been through arbitration, a successful fight back to the Chinese. CN domain names. Up to 9 months in a multinational giants get together and arbitration Chinese. CN domain name incident was finally settled.

March 17, Add Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre received more than 70 domain name dispute cases, 600% surge year on year, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Yue-Sai and other international big names to its Chinese. CN domain name fight impressively.

Since early 2006, Microsoft announced that IE7 browser will fully support Chinese. CN domain name after the Chinese aware of the many multinational giants. CN huge market value of corporate domain name dispute started fighting back. After 9 months of hard work, mostly transnational giants have successfully picked up my Chinese. CN domain name, "Coca-Cola. CN", "Hong Kong Disneyland. CN" and "L'Oreal Paris. CN", etc. and is being processed transfer procedures.

Coca-Cola said relevant, as the Chinese Internet in China Internet's maturation, Coca-Cola. CN domain names for their brand has become a valuable asset. According to informed sources, the Coca-Cola's main rival Pepsi-Cola has already registered and launched the "Pepsi. CN", opened up a new way to promote the brand network, which to some extent, all strive to become an emergency return to Coca-Cola Coca-Cola. CN domain names incentives.

Hu Gang-known legal experts said that despite the well-known brand may be the Chinese through arbitration. CN domain names, but a lot of SMEs, because of the less well-known, the possibility of arbitration and recover relatively small, so its too late better to take precautions, side opening for the right way to be registered.

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Service in the end after?

I'm afraid to die a few places, a bank operating room, a mobile operating room. Strange to say, no matter that the bank's operating room, the results are similar. Somehow when the last few years, domestic banks also fully learn from the foreign look, banks operating room can make a play than a decorative style, gorgeous, provide customers a seat waiting for more than one high, even in the business district near a window or wait for the table of colored glass dish filled with candy, can not say how many of these initiatives to change the bank's facade, but also gives people a comfortable, thoughtful feel. But in the bottom of my heart I ask myself, Is this customer care of all customers into the bank in the end what is needed? In other words, bank customer service in the end the pursuit of what?

Man with a heart monitor so if you find that in fact the real business of each bank handle a variety of business waiting room, not many people, private business is that, on public business, too, as many as three to 50 people, ranging from 1, 20 people. Unfortunately, banks seem to deliberately open the window and people always joking like always have a few not in the "suspend operations" is "Close" state, had little time to open wide. I once did a survey of private businesses to bank customers wait as little as fifteen or twenty minutes, and more are waiting for an hour, and even more time is common. The bank will also have a timer in the operating window, mark the current service time, I have read, and note down the time, the longest service as 43 minutes, the average service time in 5-7 minutes . Operating window is called No. by means that customers can get a first-come first-served service. No. However, often called empty things, why do customers receive queue number will appear shorting phenomenon can only be interpreted as, customer due Jizao, irritability, no patience, no alternative but to walk away.

Similarly, the recent move because I need to apply for a business, to the mobile company's business hall, I counted a total of 12 stations, five are vacant. I received the line up look at the number is 224, look up at that station at the top of the current service number is around 114, ranging from a few numbers, which means that there are more than 100 people in front of me waiting in line to transact business state. Zaiyi Kan do have a few dozen people are sitting in the waiting area of the chair. I carefully calculated the average number of station service time is five minutes, and I in front of 110 people, an average of five minutes per person, there are seven members of Services Computing business I need to wait for one hour 20 minutes.

After I calculated, I hesitate and retreat, and I really do not have enough patience and time. The mobile business hall, I was thinking, banks, corporations, or mobile communication, or for all companies operating room of their customer service, or in a wide range of some of these companies customer service center, in the end should be specific the course of the pursuit of customer service it? The pursuit of China and the United States luxury decorative hardware appearance? The pursuit of its name, the service plan idea? I think it should not.

In fact, the majority of the customers, they go through the Office for the banking and private banking business to handle business requirements 绉诲姩钀ヤ笟鍘? very simple, even as simple as can not simple, it is less waiting time, apply as soon as possible completed. In short, customers of banks or move the company's requirements is to increase efficiency, enabling the business to handle as much as possible reduce the waiting time to a minimum. This requires over it? Not too much, right?

Write this, so I think one thing to, some time ago, a friend of my mission in the field, he asked me to buy a "M-Zone" of the delta card, after I bought the course in the delta encountered a small problem, according to the prompt card, call the 1860 consultation. The 1860 increase is automatic IVR voice prompts and guidance would have to call people in 1860 is a good thing, but the cumbersome multi-tips, transfer, coupled with advertising spots, I can not help to provide such services on the motives suspicious. In the end is to facilitate our services? Or call us to increase our time and make a few angular rate? Why insist otherwise simple design of the service process so cumbersome and complicated? Why not do the whole process of simplification?

Now what customer service is effective, simple to be effective, simple and will create value and generate benefits. The complexity of the service expenditures will only increase the cost of services, or simply do not understand what is really out of customer service, or at least not on the service requirements of customers.

Customer Service Is the pursuit of what? I think that the pursuit of customer service is the first time; the second is the service to pursue the process of simplification; third pursuit of the efficiency of the service process. Time, simple, efficient customer service needs constitute the entire contents.

These three banks operating room for a salesperson for the company for the mobile business for the Office of the salesman, is also difficult to resolve, as long as the consciousness to be the work of the hands of efficiency, to accelerate that customers can met and resolved. This is not primarily a technical problem, but questions of ideology and attitude towards customer service, a customer in mind, the task at hand will speed up consciously, if not dedicated to customer service, thought and consciousness, that even the most advanced technology used equipment, work efficiency and quality also ultimately there can be no essential improvement. Corporate customer service center, call center business as well.

Computer technology and communication technology, makes the customer service application platform or system has been greatly developed in recent years has become a banking, telecommunications, electricity, civil aviation, public utilities and so on almost all industries, enterprises engaged in customer service tools. Should also recognize the call center system is indeed an integral part of customer service systems, it is perfect, save the customer information, standardized service processes, improve efficiency and so play an active role, played a good result.

Due to limited number of resources, when the call center services provided items or services are more and more, it will be inevitable IVR automated voice prompts multi-level, multi-level phenomenon. So many of the call center IVR system front patiently full use of the telephone on almost all of the keys to arrange the function, if you do not, that is not good customer service, as everyone knows when the IVR automated voice prompts more than four after 52% would give up the phone, when more than the seven, there will be 87% of people give up because of complaining and cursing the phone.

How the rational design of IVR voice guidance level, is a technical, highly artistic work. Some call center or customer service centers once told me that their boot sequence IVR voice business and the customer service call determined by the number of statistics, this approach itself is not wrong, should be also with some scientific sex. But I must say that this practice is not the best design IVR automated voice-guided approach. IVR how to do that is the best way to design it?

We know that no matter what industry or enterprise call center, when you statistical data through ACD, after the first two customers, if the main call of the services business, to say? Shows strong customer demand. Such cases, usually customers of Executive discretion to stop the call, until a need for information or help. IVR voice in designing the content of automatic guided, in order to improve the quality of the call center and services, should be ranked in three or four telephone traffic business service tips on the front, will rank first, second, then load is placed on the back of business services, tips, design ideas and methods of this investigation and its theoretical basis of statistical evidence.

Then they should be designed IVR layers do? First of all, there is no set number of layers is designed, according to the industry, the enterprise itself and the characteristics of call center services, decisions. But there is a principle to be observed or draw, this is the content of IVR prompts the total content of call center services 78%, then the remaining 22% of the service to provide it, in a word, with the switch to artificial solution.

Do not understand what I mean mechanically, first of all IVR voice to guide the content and ranking is dynamic, not static, with a suitable adjustment of three months or four months, adjusted basis is the call center's ACD reports data content. Second do not understand and use the IVR mechanical layer, the concept of classification, IVR covers 100% of the business, service tips, of course the content is good, but this way, will increase customer service costs, cause guide cumbersome and lost customers will grudges customer dissatisfaction so that customer satisfaction declined. I have proposed a threshold of 78%, we can refer to.

I visit the two by the customer service experience, talking about the real needs of the customer in fact, also talked about the design of IVR and call center set up to talk about much, and on the distance.

Finally, back to the topic, and customer service in the end should pursue?

Pursuit of the shortest waiting time customers!

Pursuit of maximum efficiency per unit time! !

The pursuit of maximizing the value of customer service! ! !


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adaptive base class for window screen resolution

Adaptive screen resolution to make a window as an application base class of all forms. This entire process can be a good change to adapt to screen resolution. The principle is very simple to achieve, is to RESIZE the window to open when the control window and the window size, position. See the following source code, can easily understand.

1. Create a new window.

Write a function for the window f_resize () most of the work here.
No input parameters
Return value is shaping:

environment env
integer ii_ScreenWidth, ii_ScreenHeight
double WRadio, HRadio, Radio
integer ii_WinBolderWidth, ii_WinBolderHeight
getenvironment (env)
ii_WinBolderWidth = this.width - this.WorkSpaceWidth () / / get the border width of the form
ii_WinBolderHeight = this.height - this.WorkSpaceHeight ()
ii_ScreenWidth = env.screenwidth
ii_ScreenHeight = env.screenheight
/ / Compute the radio that need be resize

WRadio = ii_ScreenWidth/800 / / standard that the screen resolution of 800 * 600
HRadio = ii_ScreenHeight/600 / / calculate the relative 800 * 600 screen resolution variation
Radio = Min (WRadio, HRadio)
if Radio = 1.0 then / / if the screen is default 800 * 600
return 0
end if
this.hide ()
this.width = (this.width - ii_WinBolderWidth) * Radio + ii_WinBolderWidth
this.height = (this.height - ii_WinBolderHeight) * Radio + ii_WinBolderHeight
integer i
dragobject temp / / used to take a variety of control

for i = 1 to upperbound (this.control)
temp = this.control [i] / / adjust the size, location
temp.width = temp.width * Radio
temp.x = temp.x * Radio
temp.y = temp.y * Radio
temp.Height = temp.Height * Radio
choose case typeof (temp)
case tab!
tab mtab
mtab = temp
mtab.textsize = mtab.textsize * Radio / / set the font
case commandbutton!
commandbutton cb
cb = temp
cb.textsize = cb.textsize * Radio

case singlelineedit!
singlelineedit sle
sle = temp
sle.textsize = sle.textsize * Radio
case editmask!
editmask em
em = temp
em.textsize = em.textsize * Radio

case statictext!
statictext st
st = temp
st.textsize = st.textsize * Radio

case datawindow! / / datawindows get zoomed
datawindow dw
dw = temp
dw.Object.DataWindow.zoom = string (int (Radio * 100)) / / Note DATAWINDOW different from other control

case picturebutton!
picturebutton pb
pb = temp
pb.textsize = pb.textsize * Radio

case checkbox!
checkbox cbx
cbx = temp
cbx.textsize = cbx.textsize * Radio

case dropdownlistbox!
dropdownlistbox ddlb
ddlb = temp
ddlb.textsize = ddlb.textsize * Radio

case groupbox!
groupbox gb
gb = temp
gb.textsize = gb.textsize * Radio

case listbox!
listbox lb
lb = temp
lb.textsize = lb.textsize * Radio

case multilineedit!
multilineedit mle
mle = temp
mle.textsize = mle.textsize * Radio

case radiobutton!
radiobutton rb
rb = temp
rb.textsize = rb.textsize * Radio

end choose
next ()
return 0

Function written after the events in the form of OPEN can call the function.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Department of the State Council plans to build five

Reform of the State Council started the composition department will be adjusted to 27

FDA classified the Ministry of Health set up the transport of industrial information department of housing construction 5

No reservations Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Construction, etc.

Since the new 6 th State Council reform began. 11 disclosure under the State Council reform plan, the State Council will be the newly formed Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Environmental Protection Department, Housing and Urban-Rural Construction. After the reform, in addition to the State Council, the State Council department set up 27.

The session, at 15 o'clock on the on the 11th will be held the fourth plenary meeting to hear about the reform program of the State Council.

The reform involves the revision of the State Council, a total of 15 changes in the organization, ministry-level agencies to reduce 4. Topics include:

- Reasonable configuration functions of macro-control departments. National Development and Reform Commission to reduce micro-management of services and specific approval items, concentrate on macro-control. National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Bank of China and other departments should establish and improve the coordination mechanism to develop a more comprehensive macro-control system.

- Strengthen energy management organizations. High-level coordinating body to establish rules of procedure of the National Energy Board. National Energy Board established by the National Development and Reform Commission.

- Formation Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Formation of the National Defense Science and Technology Industrial Development Bureau, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Management. Changed by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Management. Science Technology and Industry for National Defense will no longer keep the Committee, Ministry of Information Industry, the State Council Information Office.

- Formation of the Ministry of Transport. National Civil Aviation Authority set up by the Ministry of Transport Management. State Post Bureau to change management by the Ministry of Transport. Traffic is no longer retained, Civil Aviation Administration of China.

- Establishment of Human Resources and Social Security. Formation of the State Civil Service Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security Administration. No longer retained the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

- Formation of Environmental Protection. No longer keep the State Environmental Protection Administration.

- Housing and Urban-Rural Construction established. No longer retained the Ministry of Construction.

- The State Food and Drug Administration to change management by the Ministry of Health. A clear commitment to food safety, comprehensive coordination of the Ministry of Health to organize a major accident investigation and handling of food safety responsibility.

State Council reform is important to deepen the reform of the administrative body part. Second Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee stressed that, by 2020 to establish a relatively perfect socialist administrative system with Chinese characteristics. Experts generally believe that this round of institutional reform of the State Council, is based on reform in the past, a continuation of a positive and prudent guidelines.

Since 1982, the State Council reform has been carried out 5 times.

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